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Elections in Russia: how many ballots can you fill out?

There’s a saying in Russia: “You don’t get to choose your political leaders anymore than you get to choose your parents.” Or something like that. So it’s not surprising that Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party took home a plurality of … Continue reading

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Pierogi and Nationalism

Pierogi are delicious. They’re unleavened dumplings. Take a doughy, ravioli-like base, wrap it in beef or cabbage or whatever else is around, then fry it or boil it or bake it (frying is really the best) and out come perogi. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Nord Stream

One half of the Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting gas supplies in Russia to gas demands in Western Europe is now operational. The pipeline runs on the floor of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany via economic zones controlled … Continue reading

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