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Yes Minister on British Diplomacy

It’s been a couple weeks since UK Prime Minister David Cameron rejected the call for a new EU “fiscal compact.” Cameron’s essential beef was that he didn’t want to subject British institutions to the kind of fiscal oversight from Brussels … Continue reading

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Roma in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

If you’re Roma, you probably want to leave the Czech Republic. According to a new study of Romani children of Czech and Slovak nationality who migrated with their families to the UK, overall conditions in the host country far exceed, … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Take Pictures of Places You Can’t Get to

A friend of mine has an awesome website called 15 sunrises. His basic project is to travel around and take pictures of all sorts of ‘scapes (city, country, mountain, etc.) in all sorts of lights. He’s partial to sunrise, sunset, … Continue reading

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More on Core and Periphery

Maps like this make visualizing the core-periphery problems in the eurozone pretty fun. The problem is, while this map (accessible here) is sweet for understanding certain regional trends, it’s counter-productive in many other ways – it leads you to see … Continue reading

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Egyptian Democracy

Economies are powerful things. One lesson of the past year is that they can topple governments perhaps as fast as can conventional forces sent by history’s most powerful military. In Europe, the basic story has been sovereign debt crises impacting … Continue reading

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Privileging Political Parties above Experts

If the technocracy currently taking over the EU makes people uneasy, perhaps reflecting on Peter Mair‘s comments would help lift the unease. Mair wrote a great paper entitled Representative versus Responsible Government that examines some of the problems democracies presently … Continue reading

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Merkel’s Game of Chicken

Most people know the game of chicken. Two cars accelerate toward each other trying to intimidate the other into swerving – if neither swerves, both die a fiery death. There’s been talk that German chancellor Angela Merkel and the debt-ridden … Continue reading

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