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The Legacy of the US Civil War

Ta-Nehisi Coates has an excellent article in the Atlantic about the legacy of the US Civil War. He argues that black Americans ought to honor that war in the same way that white Americans honor the Revolutionary War: as that … Continue reading

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Egyptian Democracy

Economies are powerful things. One lesson of the past year is that they can topple governments perhaps as fast as can conventional forces sent by history’s most powerful military. In Europe, the basic story has been sovereign debt crises impacting … Continue reading

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Pierogi and Nationalism

Pierogi are delicious. They’re unleavened dumplings. Take a doughy, ravioli-like base, wrap it in beef or cabbage or whatever else is around, then fry it or boil it or bake it (frying is really the best) and out come perogi. … Continue reading

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The Analogy of the EU to the pre-Federal United States

One example Europhiles cite in support of increased EU integration is that of the early United States. The US, the argument goes, offers an example of debt successfully pushing a country from a confederal to a federal system. Earlier this … Continue reading

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Merkel’s Game of Chicken

Most people know the game of chicken. Two cars accelerate toward each other trying to intimidate the other into swerving – if neither swerves, both die a fiery death. There’s been talk that German chancellor Angela Merkel and the debt-ridden … Continue reading

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Comparative Advantage in Trans-Atlantic Relations

I think it’s generally safe to say that Europeans think of themselves as morally superior to Americans. There’s less inequality in Europe, more social benefits and Europeans respect things like human rights and the Geneva Conventions. I also think it’s … Continue reading

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Assigning Loses: more fun with lists

One of the things that’s cool about smart people is that they can make otherwise obvious points sound interesting because they know how to formulate arguments cogently. I heard an interview a little while ago with David Tuckett, author of … Continue reading

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