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Scratching the Joseph Nye itch

Reports have been emerging from Sirte, the Libyan coastal city where Qaddafi was found and ultimately killed, that political scientist and Harvard Kennedy School of Government professor, Joseph Nye, was traveling with the ex-Libyan leader at the time of his … Continue reading

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Victor Davis Hanson on Obama

Over at Pajamas Media, Stanford fellow Victor Davis Hanson has an article examining the legacy of Obama since he took office almost three years ago. Before launching into an impassioned rebuke of Hanson’s analysis, let me start by saying that … Continue reading

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Formulating the op-ed

Great Power, Matt Tiabbi, has an excellently hilarious (and sobberingly depressing) article about the hackneyed, op-ed-douchery of David Brooks. He begins by deconstructing Brooks’ slavish devotion to the tired standard of op-ed writing, what Tiabbi refers to as “Trick #19B” … Continue reading

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Punditry Batting Averages

Imagine if every time a pundit appeared on television or anywhere else in the media their punditry batting average (PBA) were listed in an easily visible little box – e.g., next to or right beneath that with which they punditize, … Continue reading

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