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More on Core and Periphery

Maps like this make visualizing the core-periphery problems in the eurozone pretty fun. The problem is, while this map (accessible here) is sweet for understanding certain regional trends, it’s counter-productive in many other ways – it leads you to see … Continue reading

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Rolling Stone Fail: disrespecting Django Reinhardt

This might sound snootish but Rolling Stone has once again failed at list-making. As they periodically do, they’ve named the top 100 hundred guitarists of all time. There isn’t a jazz-man among them. They did include Frank Zappa and obviously … Continue reading

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Assigning Loses: more fun with lists

One of the things that’s cool about smart people is that they can make otherwise obvious points sound interesting because they know how to formulate arguments cogently. I heard an interview a little while ago with David Tuckett, author of … Continue reading

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