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Corporate-sponsored Academies and America’s Unemployment Problem

Among other things, living in Poland means it’s easy to fall behind the US news cycle. There are too many pirogies to eat and all the smog makes it pretty hard to see long-distances. But today I got a chance … Continue reading

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Going after giants

Maybe I should start my own responding to Mathew Yglesias blog, where I basically play the acolyte to his pope. Periodically, in such a blog, to keep myself honest while keeping the true meaning of Yglesianism alive, I would pick … Continue reading

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The view from nowhere

Over at The Atlantic, Conner Friedersdorf has a great piece defending NPR journalist Caitlin Curran’s right to involve herself in the Occupy Wall Street protest. Sadly, like a teenage boy between the sheets, NPR impetuously fired off a you’re fired … Continue reading

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