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Pierogi and Nationalism

Pierogi are delicious. They’re unleavened dumplings. Take a doughy, ravioli-like base, wrap it in beef or cabbage or whatever else is around, then fry it or boil it or bake it (frying is really the best) and out come perogi. … Continue reading

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The Decline of Tourism in the US

Anyone who’s ever traveled to the US knows that entering the country can be a tedious and humiliating task. Fence or no fence, there are many obstacles to entering the country. Even as a duel jus soli and jus sanguinis … Continue reading

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More Reasons to Support Increased Immigration

There are two basic effects of immigration that can be measured, however inadequately, to determine immigration’s economic impact on a country: immigration surplus and net fiscal transfer. Immigration surplus tries to count the ways immigrants contribute to the economy – … Continue reading

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The case for low-skilled immigration

The settling in of the global economic crisis has sparked the predictable triad of reactionary political sentiment: protectionism, nationalism and anti-immigration(ism). Let’s focus on immigration. The basic argument against immigration goes like this: why should a state liberalize its immigration … Continue reading

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Mexico: guns, drugs and drones

Should Mexico turn some of the $190+ million it’s getting from the US this year (ostensibly to fight its internal drug war) into unmanned aircraft and start dropping bombs on machine gun retailers north of the border? This is the … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Nord Stream

One half of the Nord Stream gas pipeline connecting gas supplies in Russia to gas demands in Western Europe is now operational. The pipeline runs on the floor of the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany via economic zones controlled … Continue reading

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History the timelapse way

This is a sweet timelapse video of European history from around 1000AD to today. Undoubtedly professional historians could probably find some flaws in it (though I can’t), but it makes for remarkable viewing.

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