Rapping about Alexander Hamilton

While watching Portlandia the other night – at times hilarious and at other times ridiculous and overly-self-conscious – I came across Aimee Mann, who plays a housekeeper in at least one of the episodes. I’m not sure if she has a recurring role cause I’ve only watched a few episodes. Anyway, she’s awesome and so I started youtubing her. One of her videos is of her performing at the White House during some kind of poetry workshop. As is the tendency while on youtube, after watching a capital version of “save me,” I went on to see what other sweet acts Obama’s team had brought to the House. And I found this song by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Which is the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a while.

And then I found this piece by Joshua Bennett.

If you keep searching you can also find the inimitable and sublime Esperanza Spaulding.

There are at least two lessons here – besides the obvious one, don’t shoot Alexander Hamilton. (1) Internet is awesome and (2) whoever is in charge of bringing artists to the White House knows what they’re doing.

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