Christmas stories and the growing legend of Amazon

Ježíšek or baby Jesus

Though I’m fairly certain Santa doesn’t exist, at least, in the context of the story, it’s plausible that he could get the job done. I mean if you take as given Santa’s hearty proportions, the fact that he has workers plying all year in preparation, his flying sleigh pulled by reindeer, and his ability to slide up and down chimneys, it’s not so crazy to think that he could hit quite a few houses in a given night.

In the Czech Republic, by contrast, the story goes that tiny, baby Jesus comes around in the evening and enters the living room through the window. It’s ridiculous to think that a baby – even one miraculously conceived, one with wings – could carry all those gifts. Even granting that Czechs, as Europeans, don’t consume like Americans, baby Jesus still needs some way to lug around all the stuff. Gifts don’t just appear. As the Santa story reminds us, you need a warehouse, common laborers and a production line to manufacture them. As far as I know, nowhere in the mythology of cherubs is it claimed that they have either super-carrying powers or sweet conjuring abilities. The story needs refining.

In other Christmas news, it appears Santa’s workshop has been moved from the north pole to Swansea, South Wales, home of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center and one of the places the Right, Honorable Jim Hacker was to have given a stump speech in the episode Big Brother in Yes Minister. In Britain’s largest Amazon warehouse real-life, and presumably full-size, elves curry all your online shopping needs.

Amazon warehouse near Swansea. From The Daily Mail.

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