Formulating the op-ed

Great Power, Matt Tiabbi, has an excellently hilarious (and sobberingly depressing) article about the hackneyed, op-ed-douchery of David Brooks.

He begins by deconstructing Brooks’ slavish devotion to the tired standard of op-ed writing, what Tiabbi refers to as “Trick #19B” of “Newspaper Op-Ed Writing 101.” After having some fun with this, he proceeds with a more critical analysis of the actual substance, a term here loosely used, of Brooks’ op-ed.

It’s just too bad that Tiabbi never calculated Brooks’ punditry bating average.

Some excerpts:

“Old friend David Brooks followed #19B guidelines religiously in yesterday’s “Obama Rejects Obamaism” a masterpiece of the genre. He began and ended his piece with the construction, “I’m a sap,” repeating the phrase nine times.”

“… it apparently doesn’t bother Brooks, who defends this system in the pages of the Times over and over again, showing everyone that he’s actually not being sarcastic when he calls himself a sap.”

“If we can’t even get rich pundits to object to being personally screwed by the system, if we can’t even get those people to talk about it, it’ll be a long time before we get around to seriously considering making changes.”

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