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Building Libraries

In 1999, the city of Warsaw in conjunction with the University of Warsaw unveiled a new university library. There are so many reasons why this is a sweet example of a building – and I realize that in Warsaw, city … Continue reading

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Warsaw in ruins

Here’s the youtube version of the short movie you can see in 3D if you go to the the museum of the Warsaw Uprising. Pretty humbling.

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History the timelapse way

This is a sweet timelapse video of European history from around 1000AD to today. Undoubtedly professional historians could probably find some flaws in it (though I can’t), but it makes for remarkable viewing.

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A case for too much moderation?

It would seem that now represents as clear a time as any when the public’s and the President’s interests converge. The public would like to see issues relating to the housing market, labor market and something like the market for … Continue reading

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Follow the Swedes

Imagine if policy-makers actually heeded the Economist. Now I’m sure they’ve been wrong about stuff before, but they sure were prescient here. The article is from 2005 and it succinctly and funnily, in the looking-back-on-it tragic kind of way, diagnoses … Continue reading

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Unsound logic and the parenting industry

Once again, another pretentious parenting expert bounds onto Internet sanctimoniously proclaiming those activities that constitute good forms of parenting and those that don’t. It’s the same worn story (brace positions, prepare for impact): parents are to breast feed and use … Continue reading

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Headline whoring is annoying

Here’s how the Huffington Post is currently headlining an extremely pathetic attention-lusting piece regarding Condoleezza Rice’s soon to be released memoir. The problem is that when you open the link and read the article, you realize that it says nothing … Continue reading

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